Goldbury Paint and Powdercoat Ltd. - Powdercoat and Paint


We paint a variety of parts using both oil and water based paints, including 2 pack paint systems. Typically this process will involve more than one coat of paint and could include primer, undercoat and topcoat.
In addition to the above, we undertake refurbishment work to old parts, including shotblasting or beadblasting of old paint, filling of damaged areas, prior to repaint back to original standards.
Parts may be air drying, or painted and cured in our spraybake oven (5 metres x 4 metres) which ensures a clean environment for the best surface finishes. 
Due to the very low temperature involved, this process is suitable for parts which might otherwise be damaged by the heating process of powder coating.
Please talk to us about this process, particularly about refurbishment of items, so that we can work with you to recommend a schedule of works.